Thursday, June 19, 2014

Patriarch John X Visits the Melkite Catholic Holy Synod

Apologies for the video being without translation. Arabic original of the text below, here.

Greek Orthodox Patriarch John X visited Greek Catholic Patriarch Gregorios III in Ain Traz, accompanied by a delegation of bishops from his community. He was greeted according to the Byzantine tradition, with the participation of the bishops of the [Melkite Catholic] Holy Synod and heads of the monastic orders.

After prayers of thanksgiving in the chapel of the complex, Gregorios III gave a word of welcome to the guest and then John X responded with a few words wherein he emphasized "the kinship of Christians and the unity of the Church", affirming that "the Byzantine Church is at the root of this Arab Middle East." He noted that "the situation of the Arabs demands that attention be paid to the dangers besetting us. We encourage all Christians to not emigrate because the Middle East is the responsibility of all of us and because peace in the region is the sole solution for the world's issues."

He left the meeting between the two patriarchs satisfied with the bishops, priests and laity, who expressed their hope for a quickening of the pace towards unity in faith.

The [Melkite Catholic] Holy Synod will continue its annual meeting until this coming Saturday.

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