Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Orthodox Youth Movement Appeal for Syria

Translated from the French here. Arabic (with additional information) here.

On account of the dramatic events that have been happening in Syria over the past few months, the secretary general's office of the Movement has recently decided to set up a "Social Emergency Committee" and to begin collecting funds in order to help those who now live in abject poverty.

About this social situation:

1. The economic situation is getting worse throughout the country. This is causing depreciation in the value of the Syrian lira and an enormous increase in prices for all kinds of basic goods.

2. For several months now, many families, especially from Homs and Hama, have taken refuge, living off their savings, in more secure regions, for the most part along the coast, in hopes of returning to their homes a few weeks later. However, the general situation has not allowed the majority of these families to return, and their meagre resources have been used up.

3. Other families, especially in Homs, have not had the means to leave and have seen their homes damaged and looted. Some of them have been forcibly displaced to other parts of the city where they crowd into a few rooms. They lack any resources and cannot obtain even basic foods like bread or milk for their children.

4. Dioceses, parishes, and some philanthropic organizations are trying to help these families, but this help remains limited, partially because of the lack of means and the enormity of the need and also because of the difficulty of accessing certain regions. They urgently need to be supported so that they can continue to help these many families.

Gifts can be sent to the secretary general's office of the MJO who will  take charge of distributing them:

Account Holder: Mouvement de la jeunesse orthodoxe (General Secretary)
Account No: 20.10.934960.53   USD
Bank:  Fransabank S.A.L Gemmayzet Branch,Tripoli (Liban)
Swift Code: FSABLBBX
IBAN # LB84 0001 0005 7231 5500 0030 5002

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