Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Metropolitan Ephrem's Visit to the US and Canada

Since I couldn't find it on , I thought I'd share this from the website of the Archdiocese of Tripoli.

Visit of his eminence Metropolitan Ephrem to USA

His Eminence Mt. Ephraim and Fr Gregorios arrived at Pittsburgh airport last Monday July 19th 2010. His Eminence was warmly received by His Eminence Mt. Philip, the diocesan Bishops and the Clergy of the holy protected Archdiocese of North America.

After taking a Journey to the Antiochian Village, the activities of the first evening started with Vespers of Prophet Elias. Then was a welcoming message by V Rev. Joseph Allan, director of the House of studies, who spoke about the service of the Bishop and the Priest as representing Christ the only Priest. Followed by Fr Anthony Yazigi, camp director, who spoke about the eight camps that are held across the Archdiocese, funded by the Order of St. Ignatius.


On Tuesday morning Mt. Ephraim presided the hierarchal Divine Liturgy. In his sermon he said: "I thank God who allowed me to make this visit, I thank my brother Mt. Philip for his kind invitation. I came especially to meet you personally my brothers: Bishops and all the Clergy of this beloved Archdiocese. I came to meet your faces because seeing the face means a lot, and we Clergy should resemble Christ’s face to all our parishioners”… Then he connected to the Prophet Elias whose prayers and living faith should accompany us in our daily life so our prayers like the Prophet’s can be heard.

After the celebration, Fr. John gave an intensive description of the Deaconate office, referring to the Book of Acts and the teaching of the Holy Fathers. Understanding Deaconate office is understanding the Priest and Episcopal example: the Church is depicted as the table of the Last Supper; the deacon will be seen standing around the table to serve the Last Supper.

What an honor! What a supreme service one can be called to do! Deacons can be ordained for the service of the church and all other needs such as youth, administering Holy Communion to sick and elder persons, preaching and teaching...

On Tuesday evening Vespers were held at the Antiochian Village Camp with more than three hundred campers, followed by campers’ presentations.

Later His Eminence Mt. Philip hosted His Eminence Mt. Ephraim who congratulated his host on the accomplishment of the Antiochian Village project especially the children Camp which is a necessity today to attract young children to the Church.

And immediately thereafter.... [here begins my translation]:

On July 27th, 2010, Metropolitan Ephrem visited the Monastery of the Panagia Parigoritissa in Canada. He was accompanied on the visit by Bishop Alexander and a number of priests. Upon his arrival he was received by the abbess of the monastery, Thekla, and the nuns. After prayers of thanks, she served a meal for honored guest and the delegation accompanying. It is worth mentioning that there are two nuns at the monastery from our Antiochian Church, Sister Macrina and Sister Saphina.

More photos can be found here.


123 said...

Metropolitan Ephrem of where? I've seen him mentioned a few times recently, but it's always assumed the reader knows who he is already.

Samn! said...

He's the Metropolitan of Tripoli as of last year. Prior to being made metropolitan, he was abbot of the monastery of St. Michael and is one of the most renowned spiritual fathers in Lebanon... it was a huge deal when he finally assented to being made a bishop.

If you take a look at the sidebar here, there's links to previous articles that have been posted here about him and his election. I'm going to post translations of a couple more of his sermons in the near future, as well...

Pintradex said...

I look forward to reading further translations of His Grace Ephrem. Several months ago, Fr. Elia Khalife, monk and Oxford scholar who collaborates with Sebastian Brock, visited our Archdiocese. This also occurred with no mention.

Samn! said...

Where did Fr. Elia visit?!

Pintradex said...

i'll send you an email