Saturday, July 13, 2013

Fr Georges Massouh against the Takfiris

Arabic original here.

Fie on You, Takfiris!

The god of the Takfiris is a weak and helpless god. Their god is incapable of acting. Their god is their own whim and desires. Their god is a letter without word, without activity, without spirit. Their god is an idol made from stone like their hearts. Their god has no connection to humanity. Their god is without mercy, without compassion, without kindness. Their god is hateful, brutal, murderous.

The Takfiris have made God in their own image and likeness. In the image of their sins, their crimes, and their vices. In the image of their hatred and bloodthirstiness. They have distorted Him. They have disfigured Him. They have made Him into a thug, a butcher, a murderer, a slaughterer, a criminal, a torturer, an executioner, a beheader, a dismemberer.

The Takfiris sit on His throne. They judge in his place. They designate themselves the exclusive spokesmen in His name. They judge His servants. They send them to hell. They lay exclusive claim to heaven for themselves. They have shut the gates of heaven and the kingdom in the face of His beloved ones. They confiscate His paradise. They abduct Him with their sectarian discourse.

Takfiris insult God more than atheists do. Atheists openly declare that they do not believe in God and do not belong to any of the world’s religions and so they do not commit their crimes in God’s name, but rather in the name of their ideologies or political parties. On the other hand, the Takfiris claim that they believe in God and follow His commandments and prohibitions even as they only follow their own distorted reading and false understanding of God’s commandments and decrees.

The insult to God lies in that the Takrifis attribute their crimes to Him. They say that it is in God’s name that they are killing the righteous, justifying murder, committing massacres, setting car bombs in quiet neighborhoods and in places of worship… in this way there are two insults: the first in the crime that they commit and the second in their self-justification and attributing it to God.

The words of the Beloved Prophet Abraham to his father Azar and his people when he saw them bowing in worship to idols apply to the Takfiris: “What are these images unto which you pay devotion?” (Surat al-Abiya 52). Takfiris do not worship God. They worship their idols that they have made with their hands. Thus what Abrahim said to his people also applies to them: “Do you then instead of Allah that which cannot profit you at all, nor harm you? Fie on you and all that you worship instead of Allah! Have you then no sense?” (Surat al-Anbiya 66-67).

Fie on you, Takfiris, idolaters and devil-worshipers. Fie on you, because what you worship will do you no good and without any doubt it will harm you. If the idols of Abraham’s people “cannot profit them, nor harm them” this is because they did not attribute their passions to God, while the Takfiris will be harmed by their actions because they attach them to God, who is innocent of them, until Judgment Day.

Fie on you, because you are not the ones meant by the verse from the Qur’an, “And there may spring from you a nation who invite to goodness, and enjoin right conduct and forbid indecency. Such are they who are successful” (Surat Al Imran 104). Perhaps rather the verse that applies to them is “The hypocrites, both men and women, proceed one from another. They enjoin the wrong, and they forbid the right, and they withhold their hands. They forget God, so He has forgotten them. Lo! the hypocrites, they are the transgressors” (Surat al-Tawba 67).

Fie on you, Takfiris. What good do you do for God and for humankind? Where is the good that you do and to which you call us? How will you forbid us from wrong while you are wallowing in its paths? You shall not have success, by God’s permission, because you do not exemplify the people of mercy and goodness.

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