Thursday, July 11, 2013

Downloadable Articles on Arab Orthodox History has done a lot to democratize access to academic articles. Linked below are recent articles pertinent to Arab Orthodoxy that can be viewed and downloaded there....

--Un ancien calendrier melkite de Jérusalem (Sinaï syr. M52N)

--La visión inicial del Islam por el Cristianismo oriental. Siglos VII-X

--The Constitution of Christian Communal Boundaries and Spheres in Jordan

--The Arabic Translations of the Lectionary

Liturgical Byzantinization in Jerusalem: Al-Biruni’s Melkite Calendar in Context
 Worship of the Holy City in Captivity: The Liturgical Byzantinization of the Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem After the Arab Conquest (8th-13th c.)

--Quand les « grecs-catholiques » dénonçaient les « grecs-orthodoxes » : la controverse confessionnelle au Proche-Orient arabe après le schisme de 1724

--Bibliography of Syriac and Christian Arabic Studies in Russian, 2010-2012

--The Influence of Latin-Melkite Relations in the Land of Transjordan From the Rebirth of the Latin --Patriarchate to the Foundation of the Archdiocese of Petra and Philadelphia (1866-1930)
--Religious communities and tribal culture in Ottoman Transjordan The overlap of two different cultural horizons
--Transjordan during the 19th century. Reconsidering the relation between Arab tribes and Christian religious communities
--The Modern Image of the Holy Land Through the Manuscripts of Some Christian Missionaries

--Handlist of Manuscripts at the Antiochian Heritage Library, Ligonier PA
--The Concept of God's Unity according to Abdallah ibn al-Fadl al-Antaki
--(with Alexander Treiger) Christian Arabic Theology in Byzantine Antioch 'Abdallāh ibn al-Faḍl al-Anṭākī and his Discourse on the Holy Trinity

--Between umma and dhimma. The Christians of the Middle East under the Umayyads

--The Indigenous Christians of the Arabic Middle East in an Age of Crusaders, Mongols, and Mamlūks (1244-1366)

--Fonti indirette e nuove fonti manoscritte nell'opera teologica di Sulayman al-Ghazzi
--Les versions arabes du Martyre de Saint Aréthas

--Arabo-Byzantine Traffic of Manuscripts and the Connection between the Greco-Arabic Translation --Movement and the First Byzantine ‘Renaissance’ (9th–10th Centuries)

--La correspondance du patriarche d’Antioche Athanase IV Dabbâs avec la cour russe : à propos de l’imprimerie arabe d’Alep
--Le premier voyage du patriarche d’Antioche Macaire III Ibn al-Zaʽîm à Moscou et dans les Pays roumains : 1652-1659

--Some Aspects of Protestant-Orthodox Relations in Modern Times, a Historical Analysis

--A Unified Bibliography on Christian Arabic (2000-2012)
--‘Abdallāh ibn al-Faḍl al-Anṭākī (11th-century translator and Arab Christian Theologian)

--Ṣāliḥ ibn Sa‘īd al-Masīḥī (Christodoulos) (11th-century Arab Christian author of Marginal Notes)
--Michael al-Sim‘ānī, The Arabic Vita of St. John of Damascus

--Some Historiographical Remarks on Medieval and Early-Modern Scholarship of Biblical Versions in Arabic: A Status Quo

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