Thursday, April 5, 2012

Orthodox Church in Tunis threatened by Salafis

From the Palestinian newspaper al-Quds al-Arabi, published in London. Arabic original here.

Tunisian Society for Aid to Minorities: The Orthodox Church in Tunis Receives Threats from Salafis

The Tunisian Society for Aid to Minorities (an NGO) announced today (Tuesday) that the Orthodox Church in the capital, Tunis, has been subjected to "attacks" and has received "threat letters" (of an unspecified nature) from "Salafis".

Yamina Thabit, president of the society, said in an interview with Mosaic FM that those in charge of the church "are living in a state of terror" due to these "threats" and that the Russian abassador in Tunis has asked the Tunisians Ministry of the Interior to "protect the church."

Thabit mentioned that Salafis covered the church's crosses with garbage bags and informed those in charge of the church stated that they "do not want to see the cross in the Islamic State of Tunis."

In Tunisia, 99% of whose residents are Muslims (according to official figures), there are a small number of churches. About 20,000 Christians live in the country, most of whom are members of diplomatic delegations or foreign businessmen.

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