Thursday, May 27, 2021

Video: Eastern Christianity in Syria and Palestine and European Cultural Diplomacy (1860-1948)


19 May 2021 | A Christian ‘Oriental question’ or an ‘Orient belonging only to Easterners’? 

In this webinar, the panelists will discuss European cultural diplomacy in Ottoman and Mandate Syria and Palestine, how it impacted the cultural identification of indigenous Christians, and the variety of Christian Arab agendas towards such policies, relying predominantly on unpublished sources. They will present some of the conceptual and archival challenges, and link the study of the micro-scale level of everyday cultural and religious life to the macro-narratives of global change affecting Christian communities, in a connected perspective.

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Elias Nasser said...

Thank you so much Dr Noble for posting this webinar on Arab Orthodoxy; it is a fascinating discussion especially the Russian involvement in the Levant (for antiochians)

The introduction by Dr Haddad was poignant given the injustices/outrages in Jerusalem & Palestine generally

PS: I put in an order for your new book :)