Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Pray for His Beatitude John X, who is Undergoing Eye Surgery

 The Patriarchate of Antioch has released the following official statement (this translation is unofficial, of course):

Balamand, October 28, 2015

Social media sites have spread various reports about the health of Patriarch John X, Patriarch of Antioch and All the East.

In this context, the Antiochian Orthodox Media Center wishes to transmit to you the following message from His Beatitude:

To my beloved and my faithful children,

In the face of all the destruction, forced expulsion and killing that is happening in the region, our bodily pain remains nothing in the face of the difficulties that are good people are passing through.

God permitted that an accident happen, where my foot slipped and my left shoulder and left eye were hurt. I am in good condition, thank God, and in need of a period of healing and recovery.

From the beginning, we did not want to burden you with what happened to me, but since the news was published in Greek and then spread on Facebook, I bow before your sincere love and ask God to protect you from every evil and to heal your wounds.

I ask for your prayers.

John X

Greek original here.

Patriarch of Antioch Injured in the Eye after a Fall

by Andreas Loudaros

According to information exclusive to orthodoxia.info [later confirmed from other sources], Patriarch John of Antioch suffered an accident that nearly caused serious damage to his eye.

The accident happened early Friday morning at the Holy Monastery of the Panagia of Evros in Makri, Alexadroupoli. Just as the patriarch arrived at the monastery church to celebrate the Divine Liturgy, he stumbled and fell.

The fall broke his glasses, injuring his eyes.

The patriarch was immediately taken to the University Hospital of Alexandroupoli, where he underwent tests. According to orthodoxia.info's informed sources, the doctors felt that they should perform surgery on one eye so that it could recover.

After this, the patriarch returned to Athens, where he underwent further ophalmological tests. He may need to visit Paris, where there are physicians who have in the past performed surgery on his eye and know his medical history.

Kyr John has not suffered any further injury after his fall.

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