Thursday, August 30, 2012

AUB Theses about Orthodoxy in the Middle East

So, the American University of Beirut has put online all master's theses written there. Below are links to theses relating to the Orthodox Church. Of particular note are the theses of Amal Morcos and Fr. Boulos Wehbe, as they provide a lot of information about the Orthodox Youth Movement and the monastic revival on the basis of interviews and firsthand accounts.

Tony E. Nasrallah, Rome, Constantinople, and the See of Antioch the ecclesiastical causes of the 1724 melkite schism (2006)

Amal A. Morcos, Greek Orthodox monasteries of Lebanon and their impact on lay communities (2005)

Marwan F. [now Fr. Boulos] Wehbe, The rise, development and stability of the Orthodox Youth Movement: A case study of a single institution (1981)

Nada E. Marmura, The Orthodox community in the Holy Land and the Jerusalem Patriarchate: a study in the relations between the two, and in the internal development and organization of the community from 1918-1948 (1967)

Mary A. Kilbourne, The Greek Orthodox Community of Syria and Lebanon in the Twentieth Century (1952)


Benjamin Ekman said...

Thanks for making me aware of this!

abuian said...

I was going back through some of your posts on the history of the MJO, and I see that the first three of these are now restricted access. Do you know of another way to access them?

Samn! said...

Unfortunately, I don't....