Friday, May 20, 2011

Met. Ephrem Visits Saint-Serge in Paris

Metropolitan Ephrem of Tripoli recently visited Saint-Serge seminary in Paris. For those of you that understand French, here is part 1 of his talk, entitled "The Renewal of Monastic Life".

Visite de Mgr Ephrem de Tripoli à l'Institut Saint-Serge 1ère partie from J. Panev on Vimeo.

Pictures of his visit can be found here.

Update: More pictures of Met. Ephrem's trip to France available here.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. I don't suppose that there's a text version of his talk, is there? I tend to avoid videos because it eats my bandwith, so if there's not a text version I'll just have to wait until the end of the month and hope I have bandwith left as I'd really like to listen to it!

I was also chrismated in the Church of St Sergius, so that also adds poignancy.


Samn! said...


I haven't seen a text version of the talk yet, though if I got ahold of one I'd make sure to translate it. I'll keep my eye out for one, though, and we'll see if one turns up....

Dimitris said...

τhanks for all from Greece....your site is very favorite for me..
thanks again
sometimes copies of your and translated for our own website ...

Samn! said...


It's my pleasure. I'm happy you find things on here useful, and I'm doubly happy to see the translations... I know how much effort they take! I can't read modern Greek well, but it's wonderful to see that Greeks can read on your site about spiritual fathers from Lebanon and Syria!

NOCTOC said...

Thanks Sam so much for openning a window for us who do not know arabic so we can read the words of wise spiritual fathers of the Church of Antioch.
There is a great monastic revival all across the Orthodox World because we are blessed to have such great spiritual fathers like Goronta Kyriakos.
Like elsewhere, the Athonite hesychastic monastic tradition is spreading to Lebanon as well, replacing more worldy types of monasticism.In general, there is a grassroots Orthodox revival in Lebanon thanks to such wise men and women of the Church.