Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Qatar Restores Monasteries in South Lebanon

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Qatar Finances the Restoration of a Number of Churches and Monasteries in Lebanon

During the course of his visit to Lebanon, the Qatari head of state Sheikh Hamad bin al-Khalifa Al Thani was accompanied by the Lebanese President Michel Suleiman on a visit to the village of Deir Mimas in the region of Marjayoun located near the border in southeastern Lebanon.

This comes after Qatar has financed the rebuilding of the village’s [Orthodox] monastery which was destroyed during the Israeli assault in July 2006. Additionally, they financed the restoration of the Greek Catholic church in the same village.

During the reception that took place in the church hall, the Orthodox Metropolitan of Sidon and Marjayoun Elias Kfoury said, “Our shared life is the most important treasure we have in our country.”

After the mayor of the village gave the keys of the village and other souvenirs of the village’s heritage to the Qatari emir, the two heads of state toured the monastery and the church.

Qatar has financed the restoration of over forty churches and monasteries in South Lebanon.


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